Estimate and Build offers entire spectrum of services necessary for successful project management. Simply contact us and request our services in categories below.

“Project Management is Fun and Rewarding when its done Correctly and Sustainably”

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Feasibility Studies

Success of any project begins with the right analysis for feasibility. Feasibility analysis can be completed from different perspectives.

We provide processional feasibility analysis services for technical, economic, environmental perspectives of your project.

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Quantity Takeoff and Cost Estimation

Unless the quantities are calculated and costs are estimated correctly relevant to your project the results cannot be trusted. We estimate quantities and costs with accuracy based on non-traditional factors.

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Cost Minimization

When costs are estimated for a project there is also a great opportunity of cost minimization in the process which is frequently not completed successfully due to the lack of skills available in teams. We do optimization analysis to reduce the costs even further.

Value Engineering

Do you know that Value Engineering can be and must be done at any stage during the project. If it is done correctly money is saved for all involved parties. We provide value engineering analysis at any stages of your project.

Earned Value Management and Analysis

Earned Value measures the actual and true progress of a project. Want to stay ahead of the game? We offer Earned Value Management and Analysis services.


Planning and Scheduling are to different elements for projects but many times these are mistakenly treated as the same. We can help you to treat and analyses each of these components of successful project management individually.

Negotiation Preparation

Do you have your realistic walk-away price in mind? We can help in figuring it out and also guide in strategy preparation for getting closer to the desired outcome.

Profit Maximization

While the monetary profit is the primary driver for projects there are other elements to it. We can help you to identify and maximize the overall profit for successful project completion.


Correct and balanced budgeting for a project that does not put any of the involved parties under stress is extremely important for any project. We can help in finding that balance for your project stages to avoid major complications.


While schedulers try to calculate or guesstimate the activity durations the crashing or fast-tracking analysis are rarely done correctly. Frequently and mistakenly it is believed that software used for scheduling takes care of it. We can help with this entire analysis for your project professionally.

Risk Analysis and Management

No project exists without risks. If not considered carefully large or small losses are guaranteed. Unfortunately, not every project owner or contractor knows or understands this fact. We know what to count and what to leave aside to have you prepared for major and costly items and still not overspend.

Supply Chain Analysis

Successful completion of a project depends on so many aspects and yet one of the important elements in that mix is the availability of anything for project materialization. If the project is interrupted due to unavailable material or tool then the supply chain was not developed properly or entirely. We can help in establishing successful strategies.

Resource Allocation and Leveling

Frequently resource allocation and related resource leveling is done by simply clicking on the function in a scheduling software and getting the results. This practice in fact has devastating consequences on projects because even the critical path may no longer be valid and further guarantee the failure of the project. We can help you with the correct analysis of project needs and minimize any possible losses for your project.

Equipment Cost Optimization

Construction equipment are expensive and consequently cost large amounts of money for any project. Equipment ownership and operational costs can be calculated and can even be optimized. By optimization we refer to the process of finding the most cost efficient equipment piece for the task that needs to be completed within certain amount of the time and within budget. We can help you with this process as no one else in the industry.

LEED: Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Analysis

Nowadays, LEED certification, energy efficiency are of utmost importance to almost all clients in construction industry. Both of these two elements belong to the sustainability umbrella and yet sustainability can expand even further. We can help you to get to the efficient project criteria with the least effort and expenses. Being sustainable does not mean spending huge amount of money.

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