How Can We Help Owners/Developers?

It is great to plan a construction of a new project or restructuring and even renovating an existing building! Often times in construction projects things can be done in different ways, but frequently, after the fact analysis indicate that there were better options that would have saved a ton of money or time for the client. In fact, such analysis can be done beforehand to avoid expensive mistakes and loses.

E&B can consult you at every step of your decision-making process so you or your representative can confidently decide what you really need to do and most importantly what you don’t need to do for your project.

Any project is a unique endeavor and requires a unique approach and planning for a successful completion. To understand and analyze the uniqueness of a project can be challenging. While the information from past projects is very important it is not a clear indication of how things will go for a current or a new project.

Owner representatives have set of responsibilities to make sure that projects run smoothly. While it is rare that projects stay within original budget and schedule due to many factors the negative impact can be minimized.

Areas that E&B consults owners, owner’s representatives or developers are:

  • Options Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary and/or Detailed Budgeting
  • Cost Analysis
  • Scheduling
  • Planning
  • Tracking
  • Risk analysis
  • Guiding throughout the entire project
  • Value Engineering
  • Earned Value Management and Analysis

While we are confident you know how to make or save money, E&R can help you to make more or save more of it?

If you need consulting in any of the above areas contact us and we will make sure you are completely satisfied with our consulting services.