How Can We Help Contractors/Builders?

Contractors and builders are the drivers of the physical work performed on any construction project. Often times if not always, contractors and builders are under tremendous pressure for keeping up with the project requirements and staying profitable.

It is also true that many contractors would bid on a project without putting the required effort to recognize all the details that would later hunt them down and vanish any potential for success.

While without contractors and builders projects would not get completed the project profitability is of paramount importance for any contractor or builder. This is where the details for analyzing projects should not be left unattended. Under the time pressure it is easy to get derailed and not see through the details.

Contractors and Builders benefit when they have details about the following aspects for the projects that they plan to bid or already working on:

  • Profit Maximization
  • Bid Package Evaluation
  • Negotiation
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Schedule Crashing
  • Project Fast-Tracking
  • Cost Estimation
  • Cost Minimization
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Resource Allocation and Leveling
  • Construction Equipment Selection and Cost Optimization
  • Earned Value Analysis and Management
  • Sustainability Analysis of your Business or a Project

E&B can assist you in all kinds of analysis for your projects. Contact us to discuss how we can pave your way to success.